ALRE Truck of the Month




In the fall of 2006 I attended the local dealership's "Wheels" event with my Freelander at Alberta Safari Park. There were two distinct groups of Land Rovers there. The new shiny ones and the collection of "Real Land Rovers". My introduction to the Land Rover Enthusiasts of Alberta! A varied crew of motley gentlemen and a motley group of some dented, dirty, and lovely older "Real Land Rovers". No two exactly alike. After introductions and a great play day at Alberta Safari Park, I was a new member of the club! This has become a fantastic source of knowledge, experience, encouragement and advice that has become invaluable. Not to mention a way to access parts and accessories with ease!

I decided to tag along on a club trip to Cypress Hills in May 2007. This turned out to be the first major journey in my Series and one of the last trips with my old dog and best friend Buz. A great trip where the journey home turned into a 10 hour odyssey fighting head winds and rain almost all the way home. Pulling my Iltis trailer, speeds ranged from 60kms up the slightest of hills to an amazing 90-100kms on a good down hill run! This trip showed me the capabilities and also the limitations of my Series.