Gallery - 2009 Sean Green Memorial Trials Event




On October 24, 2009, ALRE held its 2nd Annual Sean Green Memorial Trials Event at the sand pits near Bruderheim (same location as last year).

With a forecast of rain and potential snow, it had the makings of a messy day but what did you expect for this time of year in Alberta??? What's that old Alberta saying? Wait five minutes if you don't like the weather. So with a forecast like this, what did that mean for a turn out? Well, we had about 30 people and 20 trucks of all makes and models show up with some folks coming from as far as Drayton Valley and Calgary to attend.

So with a little chat about the events to come for the day, things got under way.

There were concerns that the courses weren't going to be challenging enough but all worries disappeared on the first run. Bill Derksen (defending champion) in his classic Range Rover was the first truck up and was stuck after 3 gates...SHUNT!

Things didn't get any easier for the following trucks as evident by the number of vehicles getting pushed, pulled and winched out. There was even a little Series II that tried so hard that it ended up flooding itself requiring a bit of on-site repair to get going. Simon, is that your good side hanging out of the truck??