ALRE Truck of the Month




This month's trucks of the month belongs to Bruce Taylor of Drayton Valley. Here's a bit about his two Lightweights in Bruce's words.

Here are some photos of my 2 Lightweights. 27 GT 98 was acquired from Medicine Hat Salvage back in Dec.1988. KAM 388 was bought in Edmonton in 1991 and they are only 39 serial numbers apart. Inquiries to Land Rover, Solihull, gives 27 GT 98 a date of birth of Oct. 3, 1978. Later when I was touring England with my family, I looked into its military history at the Museum of Army Transport in Beverly, North Humberside. Not very dramatic as it was taken into service at Hilton Depot, on 20-12-1978. Departed for Ordinance Depot, BATUS Canada on 8-2-1979. Disposed from BATUS on 2-12-1986. It faired better than 27 GT 96 which was also of the same group coming to Canada but its record shows it a SOFT TARGET on 29-10-1984.