Replacing Front Radius Arm Bushes

Started by JohnnyO, January 31, 2024, 05:58 PM

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I am getting ready to replace the front radius arm bushes.  This is on a 1994 NAS Defender 90.  I'm getting a clunking noise when going on/off the throttle and going over speed bumps.  I wouldn't be surprised if they are 30 years old!  I've browsed the workshop manual, YouTubes and the parts catalog and have a plan to replace the nyloc nuts.  Does anyone in the Calgary area have a hydraulic press, and the necessary experience, to get the bushes out and new ones back in place?  Or is there a good shop out there that would take on such a small job?  Any other words of wisdom I should be considering?


I have a press and the press tools specific to the radius arms.  Sometimes you need to cut them out, but it does not add much time to the job. Pop over on a weekend.

I would suggest getting new bolts and nuts.  That way everything is new when you are done. Make sure you get OEM or genuine bushings.

4 each of (2, 3, 4, 5) and 2 of (8).  Optionally 2 each of (6 and 7).
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Awesome - thanks John! I'll be in touch.

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