Front and second row door hinge issues.

Started by dijansmith, January 07, 2024, 09:57 AM

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When I disassembled my doors and hinges, I did not take any photos. Looking for some good pics of door hinges from a series 2a 4 door station wagon on how they look when properly installed.... I do believe the second row door hinges are the same as the front door or am I wrong in my thinking? All the hinges were removed from my series, but oddly the each hinge looks a but slightly different. I think that it is because of how they poured in a foundry?


Here's a good way to remember the front door hinges.

If you are using the original style hinges....I think the front and rear passenger doors are the same.

cheers, Bill
Cheers, Bill


Yes seen this video... My hinges look somewhat similar but, the throw or distance between each hinge where the brass ball portion sits, each piece looks slightly different. I think it was how they are made in the foundry and poured in to the mold. Going to try a couple of other adjustments as well like the bulkhead to frame and the supports with the three bolts.