No More Land Rovers

Started by Red90, April 19, 2023, 12:45 PM

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Jaguar Land Rover will officially rebrand to JLR as it pushes forward with plans to dramatically overhaul its corporate image while launching a family of radical new electric cars.

Land Rover would become a "trust mark" for the Defender, Range Rover and Discovery brands, said chief creative officer Gerry McGovern.


I guess we don't have to say that they are not real land rovers anymore, they are admitting it themselves I think?

Alex C

Should make looking for used vehicles and parts way simpler on Kijiji
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 :-\  :-\ :-\ :-\ well this is sad panda

Matt H

Figures, they stopped building Land Rovers in 2016 anyway.
No Road Except For Land-Rover.


JLR need to make an acquisition. Let them go ahead and pigeon hole the existing 'SUVs' into their respective categories (who really cares).  But whatever you do keep the Land Rover moniker. Then go out and purchase the  Automotive division of INEOS and launch the new Land Rover Grenadier!

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yup.....the grenadier and ibex are just looking better all the time.   As long as the aftermarket part supply stays strong....     
Cheers, Bill