Rear tub side welding or replacements?..... NEVERMIND PROBLEM SOLVED!

Started by dijansmith, March 25, 2023, 01:26 PM

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Anyone tried to use alumiweld brazing on any panels? Does not seem to work for me good heat etc. You cannot view this attachment.  You cannot view this attachment.
I might be needing some replacement side for my station wagon.... Anyone know of any?


I took my 110 front fenders & hard top to a welder that used TIG to fill holes and weld small cracks.  I made sure there was build up on the inside so material for backing for when I smoothed down the outside.  It is an ex military truck so just took off the rough spots as lumps and bumps are part of their character.


There used to be a boat propeller shop near Argyll on 91 Street, Edmonton, next to where I worked. It's closed for several years now. I took an aluminum door top to them, and they did a good job. That was fairly thick material.

I had a tear in the bottom of my 110 tub, and took that to Jet Craft here in Grande Prairie, a boat manufacturer. They did good work as well. The welding shops here do TIG weld aluminum. They may charge more than the boat shops though, or be less experienced with thin aluminum work; I don't know.


Have you considered doing the repair yourself by using aluminum welding rods? Fairly easy to do and no need for special equipment as can be seen from the video below.


I sure did..... Tried two different rods... did not work at all.... thank you though.

I got a welder lined up here and giving it a shot.