Chevy (250) 4.1L inline six in a Series swapping to a Chevy 292....

Started by dijansmith, March 06, 2023, 07:30 AM

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Well currently I have an inline (250hp) 4.1L L6 in my series station wagon and was curious if anyone has put an Chevy 292 in a series before. if so, can you use the same gear box adapter?


Sounds like the engine "bumpydormobile" had in his dormobile before he went 200tdi ???
Cheers, Bill


I had a Chev 250 c.i inline six and had a Scotty's adapter, not sure if the 292 is the same.
Bill, my motor went into an old 1960's Chev car, I can't remember the model...


Matt H

They have the same bell housing bolt pattern as the 230 & 250 sixes (and V8's).
The 292 was a truck only engine and had a taller deck and I think the fuel pump is on the opposite side compared with the smaller units.

Great engines.
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