A reminder not to use poor recovery points

Started by headdamage, July 29, 2022, 05:18 PM

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Too bad!    There were a few points there that he made I wasn't aware of....learn something new every day.    Like going from 4km/h on a kenetic line is not doubled with the 8km/h but in fact it's a 4x increase in force on the rope.    He had some good points to make there....but he could have delivered the messages in under 10min.

It's unfortunate that you have to learn a lesson from other peoples mistakes....but it's a fact of life I suppose.

play safe out there kids  ;)
Cheers, Bill


There was an oilfield death in Alberta a few years ago with a major oil company, and most company rules have since changed. We use the "Ditch Hitch " at work, probably fairly expensive, but its a complete kit that uses the truck towing receiver.

Several years ago, guys were pulling out a truck with the really heavy duty-looking loops on a modern Ford F-350 stock front bumper. Those loops only go back into the bumper sheetmetal, and not directly to the frame at all. They pulled off easily, although they look tough when new.

On a modern domestic pickup truck, one would need have already installed a hitch receiver at the front as well to safely drag it out using the Ditch Hitch kit. With most landrovers, you're dealing with much less weight and likely have other safe options.