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Disco 2 steel rims


Set of 5 Land Rover stock steel rims that came with my D2 G4. They served me well over many years and are still in good shape. They have been off the vehicle for a few years and will need a wire wheel and some paint touch-up. Other than that, they are solid.

I've never had rims that hold a bead like these. I've been on Hells Gate, aired down to 8psi, with the vehicle sitting with the bulk of its weight on one tire and they never lost a bead. No one builds a rim like LR. But alas, I'm running 35" tires now and the offset on these rims simply doesn't work with that size tire.

$125 firm. Only condition is if you want them, you need to pick them up by next Thursday.   

Hi Trevor
Did you end up getting rid of the rims?



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