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mods making new def usable offroad

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This is interesting.....spend a 'few' grand and you can make your new def practical off road.


But notice there still isn't a winch on the front  ???

It's nice to see the LR5 getting some off-road tweaks. Fitting the 35's is what's noteworthy, it adds a lot for that CO and UT terrain. You'd want to know you're approach and departure lines using the stock plastic armor though. Some rather important stuff on the other  side of it that is pretty much unprotected against any significant hits. Good to see sliders available for it.

Still a pretty pricey off-roader, but there is most definitely a (small) market for it. 

I just watched the second video. Wheeler Lake is a really nice trail. I've run it a few times, very beautiful up there. Odd line he took the LR5 up on the first attempt on v-notch. hehe, gotta like those Toyo MT's though, he was squatting a lot of that vehicle on the right rear :).

Liked watching the stock Bronco too, but good god that thing bings and bongs a lot!


--- Quote from: binch on January 30, 2022, 11:50 PM ---But notice there still isn't a winch on the front  ???

--- End quote ---

Do you not know the story?  It is a multi day job to install the winch.  The dealer cut a loom when installing a winch and they then had to write off the vehicle.

Anywho, they no longer have a Defender.

binch: surprise there!    Do you remember when they bought their used disco 2?     

The winch package was an $18k package to buy and install.....if they don't cut that non replaceable wiring harness.



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