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Well here's something least for me!??!?!     a portable wood stove!

Kool idea

I've got something similar for my outfitters tent. They are really nice and kick out a goodly amount of heat. Good for cooking on too if you like.

I used to have an exmilitary Yukon stove, this one looks like it is based on it.

I have the Knico Trekker stove from the US. Its well made, and the legs fold up. The telescoping sections of stovepipe fit inside. I don't know if a full flat folding one would be any better for space, as the stove protects the stovepipes well. I use it in my canvas tent.

Its tricky to get a long lasting fire in there, as it isn't airtight or anything. There's likely an art of getting a "yule log" smouldering in there night-long, with the draft and damper set appropriately, but I haven't mastered it yet. We're limited around here to only Birch as a decent local hardwood. Maple or Oak might burn longer, dunno.

Either you get really good at a long burn fire in there somehow, or you sleep two in shifts to tend to the fire, otherwise its a cold night.

An alternative is an army diesel fuelled tent stove that runs off a jerry can, but that one is less environmental, and probably less safe.

The Yukon stoves have a burner for diesel and petrol as well as being able to burn wood and coal, etc...


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