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BC Preventing Registering of Military Vehicles?

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--- Quote ---A bulletin issued from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch last month makes it clear to inspectors that they can no longer pass "non-conforming" ex-military vehicles that were “not designed to conform to the standards prescribed in the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Canada) for motor vehicles designed for use on a highway at the time the vehicle was manufactured.”

“A non-conforming ex-military vehicle can ONLY be inspected under MVAR Division 25 Part 1 if its licensed gross vehicle weight is greater than 8,200 kg. Even if a non-conforming ex-military vehicle passes inspection, it is not authorized for unrestricted highway use,” the bulletin reads.
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Here is the bulletin.

That is crappy, those that are currently register can stay registered but no new ones? Guess I can't move to BC.

Just read the story and it sounds like even a registered unit can never pass inspection again and hence might have to come off of the road. Does this apply to military trailers to?

The sticking point is the "military vehicle" and how they make the decision it meets that criteria.  They allow imported vehicles without CMVSS or FMVSS labels, so it revolves around how they are defining "military".  Cover up the camo paint before going to the inspection station...

I had been thinking of returning my 90 to a more original military appearance but I think I'll hold off on that idea incase this stupid spreads East.


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