Author Topic: Possible sale of 200tdi RRC  (Read 172 times)


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Possible sale of 200tdi RRC
« on: September 30, 2021, 01:15 PM »
Not set on a price, there are lots of possible parts that could go with it, etc...

Considering selling the Green 1993 200tdi Range Rover Classic due to lack of work.

Currently she is equipped with:

- ARB winch mount bush bar
- ARB Roof rack
- Heavy duty 4 pin diff centers front and rear
- internally reinforced axle casings front and rear
- Webasto coolent heater (I need to fix this, think it is the pump)
- Working AC (works better than the heater, very cold vs heat is sort of warm)
- Heated windshield (one repaired rock chip)
- Set of three spoke alloy rims with 225/75r16 duratracs (50%)
- ABS system removed and replaced with Disco 1 master cylinder, 90 front brakes, and Disco 1 rear brakes.

On the side I have many spare body panels, doors, tailgate, etc...
Also a Heavy duty front CV and axle set that is uninstalled and a new in the box ARB diff center.

Body has some corrosion issues in places and some minor dents etc...
Did a frame off chassis clean and paint about 11 years ago while converting from RHD to LHD. Not much of that paint seems to be left in the back end but no rot, just surface rust.
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