Author Topic: It's not in our club but it shows what potential there is out there...  (Read 283 times)


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A friend of mine in the UK was up at the Bainloch Extreme, Near Dalbeattie, Scotland (SW corner), where he was marshalling a winch challenge event there.    This is the same area that the Ae4x4 clubs hosts the annual Mayheim Winch Challenge event in the spring.    But the difference is the Bainloch event is a bunch based event where as the Mayhiem is a tape and gate type event.    But if you want an education on how to use your winches that these events are the way to go.   The top driver/winch monkeys really know there stuff and have some very cool tricks up there sleeves.

Here are some pics from the event....

No monster tires there!?!?
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No monster tyres but plenty of  WHOWA MONSTER beards!!!

Looks like fun.
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