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Sorry Jeffrey....I'm not sure I follow ???


--- Quote from: jeffrey on May 24, 2021, 05:16 PM ---Hi Bill, it the new format looks good. Did the videos go with it or is that something separate. For example the Sean Green Memorial trial and the Alexander Mackenzie Trail videos that also ended up on YouTube?

--- End quote ---

There are some videos on Flickr.  But for longer videos, YouTube is better.

Are you talking about this YouTube channel?  No.  I have not copied anything from there as I have no idea who made that channel or how to access it.

This is the channel I've been using for placing larger club videos.

Those were made with the help of Lloyd who helped upload some of them

I'd be happy to load or help anyone load photos or videos that they have to the club's sites if they want. As I said, that YouTube channel is not an official club one.  I would need whoever runs it to give me the videos or access to download them if they wanted them on our site.

Sounds like a good idea to have the all together with our club photos doesn't it.


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