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Some very interesting news....

 8)I got an email today from the far side of the pond shedding light on a rumour that's been bouncing around for the past couple of years.    This group was very interested in maintaining the old Defender vehicle (sort of) and wanted to keep building something along those lines.    What peaked my interest was the company (INEOS) what where Susan's uncle had worked in the UK.  Here's the email:

"Hi Bill,   I’d like to share this with you, especially the possibility to help choose a name for this INEOS off road vehicle.  My guess is that you and other Alberta Land Rover enthusiasts are probably up to date on what’s happening. It would be great to have some input from you and suggestions for a name.  I saw a good collection of Defenders in Italy during my holiday there over the last week. I rowed down the Ligurian coast. A little equivalent to the nautical version of off road touring!    Regards, Andy


Subject: INEOS Automotive now established and making great progress

Dear all,   As you will have heard from our announcements earlier this year, the INEOS Automotive business, now firmly established, is making great progress with our project to create a new, uncompromising 4x4 honouring the rugged spirit of the original offroaders. 

First internally called Projekt Grenadier (Projekt for our German-influenced engineering, Grenadier for the pub the idea was born in), the name seems to have stuck- and we’ve decided to come out and share the journey of developing the car with our employees and the general public.

The new Projekt Grenadier website ( and social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube- all linked from the site), launched this week, and will open a window on the process of bringing our car to life. We will introduce the team, share the project’s latest news, show glimpses of the design, engineering & manufacturing processes, and ask experts and enthusiasts to pitch in with their ideas for features, designs, and even names for the vehicle.

With a multi-skilled workforce of over 18,000 employees across INEOS, the new Automotive team are keen to hear the views of keen drivers across our sites and businesses as a key priority. Whether you are already a 4x4 owner, or just interested in our journey- we would love to have your input. As well as visiting the site and following the social channels, we invite you to take part in an employee survey to share your views on the shaping of the vehicle- which you are welcome to also share with interested family and friends.

Many thanks, and we look forward to sharing further details on the off-roading adventure soon.

Tom Crotty
INEO Automotive"

Matt H:
That sounds great!

Sounds expensive, but could be great.

Very nice to see a company taking on this challenge. I also like the fact that they are inspired by truly great off road vehicles as well...Jeep, Land Cruiser, and early Land Rovers. Taking inspiration from those 3 "greats" could lead to a really capable/practical 4 x 4.

Sooooo....get on with it guys! We're waiting! *tap tap tap*



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