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Technical Discussions / Re: Spring Rate Testing
« Last post by headdamage on Today at 12:23 PM »
I've got a bunch of assorted new rover springs you can test.
Technical Discussions / Re: Spring Rate Testing
« Last post by binch on Today at 12:07 PM »
Once again...thanks very much for this info John!!!   You've been a great help over the years sorting my vehicles out for me ;-)

Technical Discussions / Spring Rate Testing
« Last post by Red90 on Today at 06:54 AM »
Back in 97 when I bought my first Land Rover I installed a set of lift springs and was not happy with the height. I then went searching for specs on what was out there to try and better choose replacements that fit what I really wanted. I threw together a list and have put a half assed effort in to keeping it up to date over the years.

There have always been springs that did not seem to match the specs. For years I’ve pondered making a tester to get real spring rate curves. This would make it a lot easier to predict the resulting height after a spring change. I found a way to put one together with parts that I had laying around.

Here is my first test:

I’ll slowly add more springs as I get my hands on different ones. If anyone has any springs they want checked just lend it to me for a week or two.
Non Technical Discussion / Re: Memes!
« Last post by binch on December 15, 2018, 11:14 PM »
I remember that one.....funny!!! ;D
Non Technical Discussion / Re: Memes!
« Last post by lropchan on December 15, 2018, 10:13 PM »
No really a meme, but I put this together for a photo night. It amused me.

Parts for Sale / Exmoor low back seats - techno
« Last post by billpatterson on December 14, 2018, 11:38 AM »
Hi there

I ordered 3 Exmoor low back seats to replace the originals in the last seacan order. The cloth is Techno. My 109 is a Santana and I have learned that the second row seat bracket is different than the UK vehicle seat bracket. So I can not use these unless I significantly alter the seats and brackets (No) or find a UK seat bracket (very expensive so unlikely). If you are interested in these, please let me know!? I will sell these at a discounted price  ;)

Thank you!

Wanted / Re: Ex MOD 110 Fuel Tank
« Last post by binch on December 14, 2018, 12:19 AM »
The superceded number for that part is WFE000190  and the shipping on these things can get expensive due to their size.....even if they are made by Sceptor in montreal (and no, they won't sell you one)  ;)

You can contact Lovejugs as he maybe able to help you with a good used one.  He's Located in Edmonton.
Wanted / Ex MOD 110 Fuel Tank
« Last post by Aaron on December 13, 2018, 09:30 PM »

My fuel tank is going into retirement and before I pull the trigger and order a new one from LRDirect I wanted to see if anyone local had a spare sitting around taking up space in their garage (or living room?).

It's going into a 1988 Ex MOD Diesel 110.  Part number should be NTC2017

Non Technical Discussion / Re: Because animals can be VERY entertiaining...
« Last post by binch on December 13, 2018, 12:25 PM »
When we first got Sam (stupidest dog on the planet but friendly with people) from the rescue group she was always nervous about going in the car as her past experiences of 'car rides' have generally not been pleasant ones.    To give Susan a break for one weekend I took Sam (german sheppard, greyhound, lab, Heinz 57 cross) off to Brule Lake on one of the club outings.    Now, if you are familiar with my truck  you'll know it's a three door 110 with a cargo box and I pack the back up with gear.    Typical dog...she road up in front with me on the passenger side seat.     Seem she may have thought she was taking her "last ride" out to the back forty and sat there trembling the whole way.    By the time we got there 3.5 hours later you could tell I had a dog in the truck.    Driver seat was clean and the passenger seat was 1/4" thick of shedded  hair!!!!  You'd swear the dog exploded in the front seat!?!?!??    Once she realized she had wide open space to run around she was happy as a lark.   The drive home wasn't quite as bad....but I still needed a rake to clean out the hair! >:(
Non Technical Discussion / Re: Because animals can be VERY entertiaining...
« Last post by binch on December 13, 2018, 12:16 PM »
Oh yeah...been there done that and laughed all the way through the walk!!!   Bodie (our redheaded golden retriever from a few years back) loved being outside and out on her walks in the cold...even 40 below... but she had all kinds of trouble with snow and ice build on the hair between the pads of her feet.  We tried clipping the hair short in between her pads but it didn't help.   I even considered spraying her paws with PAM since it worked so well on my mountain touring bindings on my skiis, but that didn't seem like a good idea spraying food on her feet.

So we tried dog socks of various styles and designs and her initial reaction was similar to this sheppard...High stepping everywhere until she got used to them.     The first set she ran off into the deep snow and came home with three of the four socks.   On our next walk I had her search (her favourite game) for the lost sock and she found it!!!!   But she lost one of the other socks in the process.   Seems her feet would just slip right out of them!!!   Well, we then tried a set of socks that had suspenders on them.   And same thing...she'd walk out of them....but at least we had them to come home with.  I even went so far as to use electrical tape around the cuff, just above the paw to hold them on and it worked....until I ran out of tape.    Eventually we had a set made for her and they worked a treat!   Stayed on each and every time and no more snow sticking problems.   But then we ran out of Bodie :-(     Still have the socks and we still have two other dogs and they still do the doggy version of the goose schtep when the boots are on.   

Gotta love 'em!!!
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